Student Academic Integrity Fellows (SAIFs)

A Student Academic Integrity Fellow (SAIF) is an undergraduate student trained in the procedures and policies of the Honor Council. SAIFs provide support to students going through an Honor Council review by explaining the Honor Council procedures, helping students understand their options during the Honor Council process, offering feedback on draft personal statements, connecting students to resources outside of the Honor Council, and remaining a point of contact for the student following the conclusion of the review. While SAIFs may accompany students to their interactions with the Honor Council, they do not deliberate or vote on cases.

When a student is going through the Honor Council process, s/he has the choice of whether or not to work with a SAIF, as well as the choice of which SAIF to work with. Selecting a SAIF, or choosing not to work with one, will not affect any proceedings or how the Honor Council reviews a case. Please note that SAIFs are representatives of the Honor Council and do not serve as advocates for the students they support.

For more about the SAIF's role in the Honor Council process, see Your Support. Click here for a list of current SAIFs (2022-23).