Honor Council's Top Five Tips

Tip # 1

Organization when writing: Careful organization will keep you from inadvertently plagiarizing someone else’s words or ideas. Don’t assume you’ll remember which notes come from which source or which notes are direct quotes vs. paraphrase. Instead, label each source and be sure to keep any direct quotes in your notes in quotation marks.

Tip # 2 

Read Your Syllabus: Collaboration policies change from course to course. So check the syllabus in each course and read the policy. If you have any questions about appropriate collaboration, be sure to ask your professor and course staff!

Tip # 3 

Plan Ahead: Managing your time well helps you work with integrity: 
Less stress + more time to sleep = better decision making!
Taking a few minutes now to chart out when your major assignments are coming up will also help you foresee a time crunch and reach out for support in advance.

Tip # 4

Use Resources and Ask for Help: Remember to ask for help. Harvard has many resources (see http://bit.ly/HC_Resources).
•Instructor’s office hours
•Your advising network       
•Academic Resource Center
•Writing Center
•Math Question Center 
•Accessible Ed. Office
Not sure where to start? Ask your Resident Dean.            


Tip # 5 

Have an “Academic Emergency Contact”: Pick someone you trust (ideally a tutor/proctor/resident dean or family member) to contact if you’re ever in a situation where you feel like you have no other choice but to cheat.
If you are panicked—contact them. Then take a break. 
It is ALWAYS better to turn in a partially finished problem set or paper than to copy.

Check out these additional tips by the ARC for learning remotely: https://academicresourcecenter.harvard.edu/learningremotely